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Whilst on my latest adventure with my illustrious combo of the most faggity PE Coach at Chalkville Elementary, Mr. Long Dong of Anniston Army Depot and the midget wrestling champion that loves counting $$$, we came across some crazy characters at some of the most prestigious law firms in the country.

Ever since starting our tour 5 years ago of trying to hand-deliver a cheesecake to every litigation firm in the country, we have officially made it to over 15,000 law offices. The ones we went to over the past month include Ms. Mary Lewis, the personal injury attorney Atlanta that told us it was the best cheesecake that had ever touched her lips.

Another notable one was Zemsky and Salomon, the wacky, crazy personal injury attorney New York and then everyone loves Normandie Law Firm who are the personal injury attorney Los Angeles who gave John a free consultation on his botched penile enlargement surgery.


We made this exact cheesecake for each of these attorneys: