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Greetings “roggers” that is the word for people who read blogs right? Anyways I will get to my story, last weekend as I’m cruising the back roads of Marrietta GA looking for some fresh fruit stands to get that all natural sugar I come across the road being block. As I sat there in my car and watched Todd Pate Tree Service clear the fallen tree I thought I would strike up a conversation with the foreman standing there. As we talked about the work they were doing the nice gentleman told me he has been in the business 18 years and previously worked for Griffin Tree Services and before them he worked for 72tree but told me he had found his home with Todd Pate Tree Service . He said he loved my post about Attorneys being so sweet and he just had to discuss it with me. We talked for a bit longer and then he told me about his uncles fresh fruit stand up the road that had the Best natural sweets . I thanked him and went on my way to find “sweet” bliss.